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Popeye Medwakh

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Popeye Medwakh is custom built

The Popeye Medwakh has been custom built to specifically look like ‘Popeye’s‘ pipe and is one of a kind.  It’s very similar to the Bilbo Baggins Medwakh but slightly smaller in bowl design with NO metal bowl lining. 

Why Buy the Popeye Medwakh?

  • Handles with ease
  • Cleans easily with either Bristle or fabric pipe cleaners
  • Sensible length 6inches – long and sleek
  • Round shaped, bucket bowl
  • Slightly larger bowl to hold more Dokha tobacco
  • Stand out from the crowd with this head turner!

Enjoy Dokha strives hard to find unique products for their customers and we think that we have hit on a winner with the Popeye Medwakh.  There is something primeval about this pipe – dating back to the days when Sailors would carve their own simple Medwakh pipes from wood or bone….but there is nothing simple about this little gem – it is a stylish and sophisticated Medwakh pipe for our discerning customers.  It’s long sleek body ends in a wonderfully round shaped bucket bowl perfect for filling up with your favourite Dokha blend.  It has taken quite some time to get this design right, to enable the smoker to enjoy the same Dokha buzz as from a normal Medwakh pipe! Finally everything is right and ready for your enjoyment. The Popeye Medwakh is only available at Enjoy Dokha.

Enjoy Dokha source all of our Dokha and Medwakh pipes from various suppliers across the Middle East.  As purveyors of find Dokha tobaccos, Enjoy Dokha have partnered with iconic providers such as Scorpion, Max Time, Rabsha, Abu Mohammed/Fadayee and Yousef Redha.

Before purchasing any product from Enjoy Dokha, you can always check if there is a review on our website of your chosen product.  All of the products which Enjoy Dokha sell online have been checked by our in-house quality control team.

All Enjoy Dokha online purchases are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards.


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