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Fadayee White 2 Dokha – 50ml / 13g

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Fadayee White 2 Dokha – 50ml / 13g

The Fadayee White 2 Dokha is a new blend introduced by Abu Mohammed Smoking in late 2017. The blend is a mixture of hot, medium &  cold tobaccos, which together give an overall smooth medium smoke. This blend is mixed from the top and middle top leaves, which gain the majority of the sunlight and known as being a top quality Dokha blend.

Why choose Fadayee White 2 Dokha?

  • Fadayee White 2 is medium blend
  • finely chopped tobacco leaves – ensures top quality Dokha
  • burns smoothly with an authentic Dokha taste
  • the Fadayee White 2 Dokha will give you a medium-strong buzz

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All of our Dokha and Medwakh pipes (sometimes spelled Midwakh or Midwah) are imported by us directly from various sources in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and beyond. Our selection process was not easy, many Dokha blends Medwakh pipes just simply did not meet our high standards.

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