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Fadayee Gold 2 Dokha – 50ml / 13g

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Fadayee Gold 2 Dokha – 50ml / 13g

Fadayee Gold 2 Dokha is a mixture of top and middle top leaves of tobacco which gain the majority of sunlight – indicative of a top quality Dokha blend.

Why choose Fadayee Gold 2?

  • strength – Medium warm
  • finely cut leaves
  • burns smoothly and not too harsh on the throat
  • warm strong ‘buzz’
  • bottle size 50ml / 13gram – easy to hold
  • 100-150 smokes per bottle

The Fadayee Gold 2 is classed as a Medium Dokha – not over warm on the inhale to give a smooth smoke every time and packed full of flavour.

Fadayee Gold 2 gives you a very well balanced smoke.  Its a medium warm blend so won’t be too harsh on your throat allowing you to get a huge hit and very satisfying buzz every time.  This is a great Dokha tobacco and is another very popular Fadayee blend.

If you are familiar with Enjoy Dokha, then you will already know that we take great pride in our service and the high quality blends of Dokha that we supply.  The Fadayee Gold 2 is no exception as it has been quality checked and hand picked for our customers.

Unlike most tobaccos on the market, the tobacco used in the manufacture and production of Fadayee Gold 2 Dokha is not fire cured and cut, it is dried in the arid desert region where it is originally grown and nurtured.  To preserve the original flavour of the tobacco’s strength and freshness it is a finely cut Dokha.

Our simple strategy – we won’t sell it if we don’t love it, and we love Fadayee Gold 2.

If the Fadayee Gold 2 medium warm Dokha blend is not what you are looking for, you could always try Fadayee Gold 1, or take the time to check out some of our other medium  Dokha blends.

At Enjoy Dokha, we are proud to bring you many different exciting blends, including iconic suppliers like Yousef Rida, Rabsha, Max Time, Abu Mohammed or Scorpion Dokha as well as our own Enjoy Dokha blends from the local farms.

Everything is imported by us directly from various sources in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

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