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Enjoy Dokha

Enjoy Dokha’s Store Locator and Retail Network to buy Dokha in the UK

June 2, 2017

Enjoy Dokha’s Store Locator and Retail Network to buy Dokha in the UK

Enjoy Dokha was founded and is run by Dokha enthusiasts.  Just in case you don’t know much about Dokha and how it’s produced we would like to impart some information for you to consider before buying your Dokha online in the UK or before choosing one of our retail independent tobacconists.

What is Dokha?  Basically Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender leaf Arabic tobacco.  Dokha originated in Gilaki in northern Iran in the 1400s.  It was smoked originally by sailors simply because it was perfect for using at sea.  Over the next hundred years or so, the use of Dokha tobacco spread and became more popular in the Middle East.

What is Dokha made from?

Unlike most tobaccos, our Dokha is the pure, natural and organic Arabic tobacco.  It is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region where it is grown, harvested and blended. It’s finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the natural colouration of the tobacco, i’ts strength, freshness and great flavour.

Due to the lesser degree of processing, Dokha tobacco should essentially maintain the green to brown coloration of the natural plant and that is one of the main reasons why we have so many return customers – nothing added and nothing taken away…

In some countries Dokha is mixed with flowers, herbs and spices, however in the UK it is illegal to mix tobacco with any flavours whatsoever, therefore you can be sure that Enjoy Dokha’s Dokha tobacco has absolutely nothing added to enhance the natural colour and nothing added to flavour the natural and original Arabic tobacco.

Our Store Locator and Retail Network helps share our love of Dokha as widely as we can.

The main way we do this is currently through online retail offering Dokha for sale online in the UK and worldwide. We’re committed to helping to make the authentic, organic Arabic tobacco globally available. With next day delivery (DPD Couriers) to most parts of the UK and delivery with between 1 – 3 days (DHL Couriers) to most cities around the world, you don’t have to wait long to enjoy that distinctive Dokha buzz!

There’s more to Enjoy Dokha than just our website, however. As we continually work to expand our Enjoy Dokha retail network, there are now over 30 stockists selling Enjoy Dokha products in the UK alone. Simply pop your postcode into our store locator to discover your nearest Dokha stockist in the UK.  Most of our retail partners are independent tobacconists and they don’t stock all of our products, however our products in places as diverse as Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Brighton, Oxford etc., – and a lot of other places in between.

Before Enjoy Dokha, many Dokha enthusiasts in the UK were reliant on friends and relatives visiting the UAE and other parts of the Middle East: now, not satisfied with making Dokha truly worldwide, we want our fellow Dokha lovers to be able to enjoy the choice and personal service that comes with visiting your high street tobacconist.* Dokha can, and should, be a personal experience: what better way to start the process than by buying locally?

Enjoy Dokha will always go the extra mile for our customers, and we’re proud to say that now includes giving you options for how and where you buy your Dokha. Order from our website, use our handy store locator or have a chat with your local tobacconist; but however you get it, make sure to Enjoy Dokha.



*If you’re a retailer who’d be interested in stocking Enjoy Dokha products, check out our wholesale page.


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