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Enjoy Dokha: What is a Medwakh Pipe?

April 13, 2016

What is a Medwakh Pipe?

Enjoy Dokha: What is a Medwakh Pipe?

The first Medwakhs (Midwakhs) were crudely carved from animal bones, often goats’ bones, or moulded from clay by Shepherds tending their flock back in the 14th century… Since then, a lot has changed but the basic design still shines through. Pipes are often still hand carved but the materials used and the Artisan craftsmanship has much improved over the years!  Some Medwakh pipes are more lavishly engraved, often with brass inlays, hand painted in a variety of colours or have gem stones added as a status symbol…

The range of materials used has increased greatly with pipes being made from bone, wood, glass, steel, silver, gold, and stone. Wooden pipes are by far the most common due to low cost and versatility of design. A certain elegance can be achieved through good craftsmanship and quality wood which is very desirable. Hardwoods like Walnut, Cherry and Briar are well known for making beautiful pipes that stand the test of time…

Metal pipes are increasing in popularity simply due to their durability. Steel pipes don’t just snap in your pocket like a wooden or bone pipe might – they last a lifetime.

Novel designers are always bringing out new models in different materials and Enjoy Dokha always keeps an eye on this developing market to bring the finest designs to our customers around the world!

Medwakh pipes (also spelled Midwakh), are typically of Arabian origin.  Dokha is a finely ground Arabic tobacco product that is organically grown in the mountainous regions of the Middle East.  Only fresh water and desert sunshine, with absolutely NO additives, preservatives, dyes or flavourings being added at any stage of the production process. This all natural Arabic tobacco is then smoked through a Medwakh. The bowl of a Medwakh pipe is typically smaller than that of a traditional Western tobacco pipe. It is usually loaded by dipping the bowl into a container of Dokha tobacco.

Medwakh pipes are primarily produced in the United Arab Emirates, and are especially popular in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Enjoy Dokha: What is a Medwakh Pipe? The Medwakh Pipes are often custom made, allowing the smoker to specify the dimensions and design. Medwakh pipes are crafted from a variety of materials including wood, bone, base metal, marble, steel, gold, silver,  or glass. They may incorporate precious items such as diamonds, gemstones and rings of precious metal inscribed with symbols, such as a falcon, similar to the one shown in the UAE coat of arms. The pipe may be crafted to resemble a dromedary camel, a highly revered animal in the UAE; the opening of the bowl shaped as the camel’s mouth, with a small hole connected to a metal shaft inside the body of the pipe to conduct the smoke to the user.

Among many modern variations of the Medwakh pipe, some are covertly disguised as pens, some can be split apart for cleaning, and some can have double bowls or double stems. Most Medwakh pipes crafted today have a mouthpiece sized to fit a plastic filter to reduce the inhalation of impurities.

Most people like to express their individuality with their Medwakh pipes, this is why Enjoy Dokha have over 30 different designs and styles to choose from.


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