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Buy Dokha online – The difference between Dokha blends

May 17, 2017

The difference between Dokha blends

Buy dokha blends online, simple enough if you know what to look for

Buy Dokha online – The difference between Dokha blends – The clean, pure flavour of Dokha is appealing to people the world over – that’s why we at Enjoy Dokha are so passionate about sourcing the best varieties and blends, and making them available worldwide. Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is grown at high altitude so it grows slowly on the cool slopes in the evenings but grows fast in the daytime sunshine…  The Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert regions of the UAE and the Middle East.  Dokha tobacco essentially is unaltered and maintains the green colouration of the natural plant.

When it comes to blends, we know different people are looking for different smoking experiences, so we take care to offer as wide a range as possible.

Dokha blends are usually sorted between light, medium, and hot; words which describe the smoking experience as much as the complexity of flavour. If you’re new to Dokha, or are considering experimenting after sticking with one blend for a long time, the choice can be disorientating – Enjoy Dokha are here to help. Here are the key differences between the three main Dokha blends:

Light Dokha. Light Dokha is recommended for beginners to smoking Dokha, as well as anyone who wants a flavourful but light and pleasant smoking experience. Light Dokha provides a luxuriously smooth smoke, is easy to inhale and exhale, and provides a pleasing light buzz on the exhale which will dissipate after a few seconds.An example of this would be the Enjoy Dokha BLUE blend, you can buy dokha online like this today.

Medium Dokha. Medium Dokha provides a smooth, rich smoke that’s still easy on the throat. It’s slightly stronger on the inhale compared to BLUE (light) Dokha, but provides a more satisfying buzz on the exhale. Medium Dokha is recommended for anyone looking to graduate from a lighter blend Dokha, as it provides a more intense buzz and all-around smoking experience. An example of this would be the Enjoy Dokha GOLD Blend, you can buy dokha online like this today.

Hot Dokha. Hot Dokha does what it says on the bottle. Most Hot Dokha blends are spicy in flavour and hot on the inhale: you might want to trial a Medium Dokha blend before jumping straight to the hot stuff.  If you know what you’re doing there’s no substitute for this full-on, intense Dokha experience. The inhale is hot and richly flavoured, and the exhale imparts the unique Dokha buzz in a way that simply can’t be replicated when smoking western tobaccos. An example of this would be the Enjoy Dokha RED Blend, you can buy dokha online like this today.

The Dokha buzz is a kind of nicotine buzz, and like any nicotine buzz it will pass after a few moments. As with any tobacco product, your exposure to and tolerance for nicotine will affect how intensely you feel the Dokha buzz and how long it will last for. If you’re completely new to tobacco and are starting with Dokha get ready to get buzzed! If you’re a previous seasoned cigarette smoker, you may not initially experience the Dokha buzz in quite the same way; but whatever blend you go for, with Enjoy Dokha you can be confident of experiencing Arabic tobacco the authentic way – pure, fresh, and natural. With light, medium and hot blends on offer, take the plunge and Enjoy Dokha today.


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