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Yusuf Dokha – 50ml / 14g

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Yusuf Dokha – 50ml / 14g – all round Dokha!

The Yusuf Dokha – 50ml / 14g blend offers great flavour, warm inhale and exhale, and a very nice and sustained buzz.

Why choose Yusuf Dokha?

  • the Yusuf Dokha is considered a medium blend
  • smooth on the inhale and exhale
  • good buzz
  • Yusuf bottle size – 50ml / 14grams
  • finely chopped Arabic tobacco
  • also available in 25ml / 14g and 250ml / 70g (5 x 50ml /14gram) bottles – a more economic purchase

Unlike most tobaccos on the market in the West, the tobacco used in the manufacture and production of Yusuf – 50ml / 14g Dokha is not fire cured and cut, it is dried in the arid desert region where it is originally grown and nurtured.  Enjoy Dokha, as purveyors of the very best Dokha tobacco products from Dubai, UAE and the Middle East, are delighted to add the Yusuf blend to our extensive range of Dokha tobacco.

To ensure that the aroma and the freshness of this Yusuf blend lasts a long time, each bottle is packed and sealed and is airtight. The ‘Enjoy Dokha’ label on the bottle ensures that you are getting the genuine product!

Our simple strategy – we won’t sell it if we don’t love it, but more importantly our customers have to love it too...

If Yusuf – 50ml /14gram is not what you are looking for, why not consider trying one of our other medium blends such as ED Gold, Enjoy Dokha 500 range, Mister, Ameeri, Saffra, SP50 or G55, for example, for an equally sustained buzz.  If you want something really strong then ED Red or Achilles would be our recommendation….

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