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Essentials Range of Hot Dokha

We have put together an essentials range of hot Dokha blends for those customers who would like to try different blends of hot Dokha.  This offer includes three small bags, each containing approximately 2.3+ grams of hot Dokha, a pack of Fadayee Double White Filters and a Clipper lighter. There is no specific colour option for the Clipper lighter.

If you are ordering outside the UK we are unable to send lighters due to flight restrictions/Customs, so we replace the lighter with ONE additional Metal Bristle Pipe cleaners to help you maintain a clean Medwakh.

Blends like ED Red, Achilles, Harr, Ayub and VOD are available with this offer. Completely natural and pure Arabic tobacco with nothing added or taken away but which are considered to be hot or over warm blends.

ED Red is a strong blend, full of flavour on the inhale with a great ‘Buzz’ and is most suited to a seasoned Dokha smoker.

Achilles is a very popular blend of hot Dokha, strong on the inhale for a true smoking experience, something the Achilles (hot) Dokha blend delivers every time.  This blend is a more coarsely chopped blend and when smoked offers a very hot smoking experience and will not disappoint!

Haar is a strong hot Dokha blend with a good buzz.  This coarsely chopped Dokha is another blend which is more suited to the seasoned Dokha smoker.

VOD is a coarsely chopped, extremely hot blend and not for the feint hearted. If you are looking for something that will blow your socks off and take you to the edge…

Ayub Dokha is a medium hot blend with great flavour and a good long lasting buzz. Perfect for regular more experienced Dokha smokers.

Bushab Dokha is a medium hot blend with a good long lasting buzz.  Finely chopped Arabic tobacco and recommended for the seasoned Dokha smoker.

Enjoy Dokha Silver 500 is over warm but not harsh on the throat and has a very good buzz. This exceptional Dokha is one you will always want to have in your collection, hand-blended from personally selected crops.  We have used Dokha leaves from the most reputed Dokha tobacco fields located in the mountains surrounding Fujairah, UAE.

You can choose any of the above hot Dokha blends, or we will make the choice for you.  You can also choose three bags of the same blend if this is your preference – you just need to let us know in the Customer Note at the checkout.

Exceptions: We cannot include pre-packaged Dokha such as Yousef Redha (Rida) Blue 50, Gold 50, Silver 50, Green 50, Black Half Half or White, Scorpion, Fadayee, Max Time or Rabsha.

All of the above hot Dokha blends are also available in 25ml / 9gram, 50ml / 14gram or 250ml / 70grams (5 X 50ml bottles) for a larger quantity and a more economic purchase.


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