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Yousef Rida Dokha (Yousef Redha)

May 17, 2021

Yousef Redha Sublime Dokha (machinations behind the name – sometimes spelled Yousif Redha or Yousef Rida) blends have been growing from strength to strength with Enjoy Dokha.

YR Blue 50/Gold 50/Silver 50/Green 50 and YR Black Half and Half and White – take your pick as they have been equally well received by Enjoy Dokha customers around the world.

You asked us for these blends, so we obliged and they are all available to buy online direct from Enjoy Dokha.

As some of our customers have actually visited Yousif Rida’s shop in Dubai, they appreciate the efforts Enjoy Dokha have gone to in bringing these blends to a worldwide audience.  All of the (Yousef Redha) Dokha which Enjoy Dokha sell online have been quality checked and hand picked for our customers’ satisfaction.

Which Yousef Rida (Redha) Blends Would You Choose?

On a daily basis we receive phone enquiries from customers asking which Yousef Rida blends we would recommend, and we always give the same answer – the choice of Dokha blend which you choose to smoke is a very personal one.  Each customer has different expectations as to what their chosen Dokha blend should offer them personally.  By this we mean that some customers are looking for a light smoke, maybe because they smoke a lot and some blends are just too strong for the number of smokes that they might like to have on any given day.

Other customers might be paying more attention to the head rush or Dokha Buzz that a certain blend might give them, and again, all we can say around that is each customer’s tastes are different, so what we might like doesn’t necessarily mean that our choice would also suit that particular customer’s taste…

A little information is helpful but sometimes too much information can be unhelpful and confusing, so here is a little information on each of the Yousef Redha products to help you make the decision that is right for you.

Yousef Rida Blue 50 Dokha is famously very finely chopped and over-warm.  The Blue 50 Dokha is not too harsh on your throat, and will give you a satisfying buzz!

Yousef Rida Gold 50 Dokha is smooth and warm on the inhale – not too harsh on the throat and will also give you a satisfying buzz.  This ‘Gold’  blend has been selected due to its popularity in the UAE itself….

Yousef Rida Silver 50 Dokha is a finely chopped light/medium warm blend.  The Silver 50 Dokha is not harsh on your throat, and again will give you a great buzz.

Yousef Rida Black Half and Half Dokha mixes leaves from different levels of the tobacco plant.  It’s satisfying over-warm to hot taste is something you will love straight away. Combine this with the fine cut and you have a very good blend. This Black Half and Half Dokha is hot and definitely kicks back so make sure you are prepared!

Yousef Rida Green is a mix of leaves from different levels of the plant to ensure an excellent tasting medium blend.

Yousef Rida White is a great introductory Dokha bend for the beginner as it offers a cool smooth smoke, but will invigorate all your senses…

Unlike most tobaccos on the market, the tobacco used in the manufacture and production of Yousef Rida Dokha is not fire cured and cut, it is dried in the arid desert region where it is originally grown and nurtured.  To preserve the original flavour of the tobacco’s strength and freshness it is finely ground in a timely manner.  With the highest level of quality control and testing at every stage of the production process, Enjoy Dokha, as purveyors of fine Dokha tobacco products from the Dubai, UAE and the Middle East, look forward to being your preferred Dokha provider.

Our simple strategy – we won’t sell it if we don’t love it so we consider Yousef Redha Sublime Dokha.  So long as our customers keep returning to Enjoy Dokha for their favourite Dokha blends we are happy!

Before deciding on purchasing any Yousef Rida product from our website, feel free to check out any reviews which may have been left by our loyal customers, for peace of mind.

All online purchases of Dokha and Dokha related products are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards.

If  Yousef Redha (Yousif Rida) Dokha is not what you are looking for, please take the time to peruse some of our other Dokha Partners such as Scorpion, Bin Khumery, Rabsha or Max Time.  Enjoy Dokha’s own local farm blends such as our Enjoy Dokha 500 range or Maya, G65, Saffra and Ameeri, for example.

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