Who we are?

Who we are

Who is Enjoy Dokha USA?

Enjoy Dokha was first founded in 2012 in Europe.  Today, we have grown our operation to North America supplying every corner of the United States and Canada with high quality Dokha Arabic tobacco.  We focus on unflavoured pure cuts of the Dokha tobacco plant, we believe it is better left natural and that your products should be delivered quickly!

This all started because we smoked Dokha regularly and truly enjoyed it. It was difficult to get the Dokha blends you wanted from the Middle East, so many people relied on friends bringing some back from Dubai whilst travelling or unreliable sources, both of which were not really efficient….

Enjoy Dokha have developed a worldwide supply network of trusted high quality Dokha Arabic tobacco products and made them extremely accessible to everyone.  Whether you want to walk into one of our network of tobacco shops or order securely online you know you are never very far away from a wide range of fresh Dokha Arabic tobaccos.

Second To None Quality

Enjoy Dokha was the first Tobacconist to supply regular fresh Dokha Arabic tobacco direct from the tobacco farms in the UAE to Europe. Now we are bringing hundreds of fresh products to North America and are proud to be bringing you quality you may not have seen or experienced before.  Our trusted quality remains at the forefront of all our operations.

Enjoy Dokha is very proud that we supply the best quality Dokha tobacco blends and have one of the largest selection of handcrafted Medwakh pipes and accessories in the world.

We have built relationships with brands such as Fadayee Dokha, Yousef Rida Dokha, Bin Khumery Dokha, Abu Mohammed Dokha and Max Time Dokha – it doesn’t matter what particular taste you are searching for, we have it.

We are now able to bring all of your favourite Dokha blends, Medwakh pipes and accessories to nearly every country in the world. All of our products are imported weekly from various sources in the Middle East and around the world.

We will continue to only supply genuine authentic Dokha Arabic tobacco. When we say genuine, we mean no mixing, no tampering, no nothing. From the farm to your door, we pride ourselves on this honest approach!

Dokha Service Like No Other

Great products is one thing, however, getting them to you faster than anyone else was always going to be a challenge.  We have built relationships with a network of couriers allowing us to deliver across the United States and Canada very quickly.  Normally, next working day to most major cities, if ordered early enough – public holidays excluded. We use DHL / Fedex /UPS etc., simply because they are fast, reliable and secure.  All of our parcels are sent discreetly in blank parcels on an fast express service.

We are where we are today because of the kind words passed on from our loyal customers!  If it wasn’t for you, we would not be here.  We like to think we offer the best customer service we can, a service we would want to receive.  Have a look at our testimonials page.  If there is ever a time you do have an issue, we offer a free return and replace policy.

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