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Rainbow Ice Clipper Lighter for Dokha

July 12, 2023

Rainbow Ice Clipper Lighter for Dokha

The Rainbow Ice Clipper Lighter for Dokha is something you will be proud to hold and to have in your Dokha pouch.  This ‘little gem’ is refillable and the flame can be adjusted easily.  The Rainbow Ice Clipper Lighter supports the classical lighter design, made from sturdy metal in brilliant colour profile with hues of cerise pink and turquoise.  Of course it looks expensive and that’s why your eye is drawn to it, but you can purchase it at a very affordable price.  Its light and compact and features a ‘one touch’ action and in our view is also a great gift idea for any gender and usable for any occasion.

There are some things in life that are worth paying a little extra for and this is one of them.

We have lots of other lighters to choose from for lighting your Dokha Arabic tobacco successfully in your favourite Medwakh pipe, however the Rainbow Ice Clipper Lighter for Dokha takes your smoking experience to another level and gets you noticed!

Lighters are an essential piece of kit if you are a Dokha smoker and if they’re refillable that’s an added bonus, especially as it’s easy to find a butane gas supplier (Tobacconist) on the High Street wherever you live.

The essentials you will need to smoke Dokha Arabic tobacco and make your smoking experience more pleasurable:

  • bottle of 9g or 14g Dokha
  • fabric pipe cleaners
  • filters
  • Medwakh pipe

Enjoy Dokha are purveyors of fine Arabic Dokha blends sourced direct from the UAE. There are pre-packaged blends from suppliers such as Scorpion, Yousef Redha, Bin Khumery, Abu Mohamad, Rabsha and Max Time to choose from, together with top quality Dokha Blends from our own farmers bottled here in the UK. These small holding farmers have been growing Arabic tobacco for decades on the slopes of the mountainous regions of the UAE where the plants benefit from the cool of the evenings and the full daytime sunshine allowing the plants to thrive and yield the farmers more than one crop annually to support their families.

The farmers hand down all of their knowledge and expertise of the growing and harvesting cycle to the next generation to ensure their livelihoods into the future.


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