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Enjoy Dokha Shahnaz Medwakh 501 special edition Medwakh

Enjoy Dokha Shahnaz Medwakh 501 is a special edition Medwakh exclusive to Enjoy Dokha.  It’s simple yet stylish design is just a bonus to this strong and well made Medwakh pipe.  Shahnaz, meaning ‘pride of the king‘ will not disappoint you when smoking your favourite Dokha blend. It’s an awesome addition to any collection if you’re looking for something unique, something exclusive.

Benefits of owning the Shahnaz Medwakh 501

  • standard 6inch length so handles with ease
  • choice of two colour combinations: brown and gold or black and silver –  bowl and stem comes with either gold or silver trim
  • easy to clean
  • stylish and affordable

All of our Medwakh pipes are quality checked and handpicked for your satisfaction and the Shahnaz 501 is no exception.

Medwakh pipes come in various sizes and materials – the most common Medwakh pipes are made from wood. The Enjoy Dokha Shahnaz Medwakh 501 is a Premium pipe made from wood.  It can sustain tapping to remove old tobacco particles, however, you should take a little care if you use this technique to ensure you don’t crack or loosen the gold/silver trim along the stem of the pipe  It is best to clean this pipe with either a bristle pipe cleaner or a fabric pipe cleaner.  You can also use a cleaning spray.

All of our Medwakh pipes are imported by us directly from various sources in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and beyond. Our selection process was not easy, many Medwakh pipes simply did not meet our high standards.

If this Brown Gold or Black Silver Shahnaz 501 is treated with care it will give you immense pleasure and a very satisfying smoking experience….We have lots of great Premium Medwakh pipes to choose from in the Premium Medwakh Pipes category, but if there is a question you would like to ask about the Brown Gold or Black Silver Shahnaz Medwakh pipe that we have not covered here, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Before deciding which Medwakh pipe you would like to buy, feel free to check if there is a review on our website of your chosen Medwakh pipe, for peace of mind.

All Enjoy Dokha online purchases are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards.

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