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Gold Loupolus Medwakh Pipe

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Gold Loupolus Medwakh pipe designed and handmade in Germany by the exclusive Loupolus Pipes.

The Gold Loupolus Medwakh pipe is made using food grade aluminium so if you are looking for something powerful, something exquisite, then this beautiful, Arabic inspired Medwakh pipe, is the one for you and is exclusive to Enjoy Dokha.  This Medwakh pipe is supplied with Dr. Perl 9mm internal filters for a cleaner smoke every time.

Enjoy Dokha are excited to be able to exclusively offer the Gold Loupolus Medwakh pipe.

  • Dr. Pearl filter: 9mm
  • mouthpiece: food grade Aluminium
  • material: food grade Aluminium
  • length: 168mm

More about Gold Loupolus Medwakh pipe

In these hectic times, the enjoyment of a lovely pipe and the delightful flavour of exquisite tobacco are passions that bring people together all over the world. 

This beautifully crafted, handmade Medwakh pipe uses conventional techniques developed exclusively in Germany.  Loupolus Medwakh pipes are never mass produced, rather, each piece in the production process is planned with love and care for the complete satisfaction of the customer. Loupolus Pipes’ philosophy “not one style of Medwakh pipe for everyone, but everyone have his own styled Medwakh pipe” resonates with our Dokha tobacco connoisseurs..

This high quality Medwakh pipe can be guaranteed simply because the materials used in their production are of the highest quality.  Although many materials can be used in the building of a Medwakh pipe, food grade aluminium has been selected for these beautiful, limited edition pipes, for safety as well as to not change the taste of your Dokha.

Loupolus, as a brand, are committed to producing the best quality Medwakh pipes, both in the interests of passionate pipe lovers around the world but also to continue to be the driver of great pipe manufacture in the future.

Gold Loupolus Medwakh – advantages summed up

  • unique Medwakh pipe manufactured in Germany
  • traditional design using modern materials
  • cooler smoke compared to Medwakh pipes made with just wood
  • active carbon filters for a cleaner smoke
  • easy to clean, ensuring a better quality smoke every time
  • bigger ‘Buzz’ effect only with Loupolus!

Pipe smokers have their own special style – they are a contemplative, relaxed, and communicative group of people who are at one with their surroundings….. 

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