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Hats off to Dokha

May 23, 2023

Hats off to Dokha

Hats off to Dokha – Enjoy Dokha have put together an exciting package for our Dokha family which we are calling ‘Snapback to Dokha’ – a play on words for those customers who have transitioned  from smoking cigarettes to smoking Dokha instead.   On offer is a beautifully crafted and comfortable to wear ‘Snapback’ hat, together with a 9gm bottle of top quality Dokha, Medwakh pipe and a pack of filters at a very affordable price.

If you choose to purchase this special offer, take a closer look at the very clever emblem adorning the crown of this Snapback.  The emblem includes an illustration of the Hawk of Quraish, which is a golden falcon. The falcon has 7 tail feathers representing the 7 Emirates and is often used as a mark of respect.  On the opposite side is a symbol of a Palm tree denoting the desert, and two Medwakh pipes forming a ‘cross swords’ which represents the power of thought and transformation (from cigarettes to Dokha), pointing upwards symbolising the importance of the humble Medwakh when smoking Dokha.

TWO unique designs with the Snapback to Dokha offer

Both colour variations are stylish and elegant; black crown with beige visor and cream crown with black visor. The materials used in the manufacture of these unique Snapback hats is durable and sustainable. Should you meet and greet someone wearing one of these two variations, you will know that they too have joined our Dokha family.

9g Dokha selection

Please remember that this offer is for the 25ml /  9gm bottle and doesn’t include the larger 50ml / 14gram bottle.

With this great offer you can choose a 9gm bottle from either our Option list of House Premium Dokha or the Option list which also includes our House Standard Dokha.  Blends such as Mister, Maya, Sultan, G65, Ameeri, Light Cold etc.  All of our blends are quality checked and have the Enjoy Dokha seal of approval.

Please check out the Options for your choice of Dokha.

8 different styles of Medwakh pipes included with this offer

There are eight different styles Medwakh pipes to choose from – just click on the Option to choose one that’s right for you.

All of the Medwakh pipes within this Option are made from strong wood, so they are durable.  They can sustain tapping to remove old tobacco particles, however, you should take a little care if you use this technique to ensure you don’t crack the stem of the pipe.  It is best to clean this pipe with either a bristle pipe cleaner or a fabric pipe cleaner.  You can also use a cleaning spray. Unfortunately, due to flight restrictions we are unable to send the cleaning spray abroad.

If any one of these pipes are treated with care they will give you immense pleasure for a long time and a very satisfying smoking experience.

Medwakh pipes should always support a filter 

Enjoy Dokha supply a myriad of filters so there’s bound to be one that suits your requirements.  Filters are used to help prevent small particles of tobacco from reaching your mouth.  They also help reduce the amount of tar emanating from your smoke.  With this offer there are two options of filters to choose from.

The Snapback to Dokha special offer incorporates all of the above, packed securely in our easy to identify ‘Enjoy Dokha Authentic from the UAE‘ boxes.


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