Clear Black Natural Puff Filters (Cotton + Silicon) – new limited edition

Clear Black Natural Puff Filters (Cotton + Silicon) exclusively available at Enjoy Dokha USA

Clear Black Natural Puff Filters (Cotton + Silicon) offer you a new filtering system in one sleek filter in a choice of colours and options!  These will fit any one of your Medwakh pipes just like your regular filters, however they will filter more of the impurities out.

The new Natural Puff Filters are both compact, easy to use and in keeping with the traditional filter design.  These filters however, actively remove tars and nicotine without changing the taste or flavour of the tobacco – so you enjoy a smoother cleaner smoke.  The filters now come with a cotton filter as well as a silicon filter to help reduce any impurities from passing through to you – whilst still giving you that incredible buzz each time!

These Natural Puff Filters come complete with larger air holes to allow more smoke to be inhaled, but because of the double filter system, you are still protecting yourself whilst having an incredible Dokha Buzz!

Colour: Black

We offer Next Day delivery with DHL Couriers in America if available in your area.

Welcome to Enjoy Dokha USA.  As well as Enjoy Dokha blends, we stock stock high quality products from suppliers like Fadayee, Yousef Rida and Max Time or direct from the farms.  All online purchases are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards.  Just click the “Add to Cart” button then proceed to checkout/view cart from the top right of this page.  We specialize in next day US delivery to all major cities and 2-4 day delivery to outlying areas. If you are in America, we are pleased to accommodate your order.

Everything is imported by us directly from various sources in Dubai, United Arab Emirates including the local farms. Our selection process was not easy, many Dokha blends and Medwakh Pipes just simply did not meet our high standards.

We always go the extra mile, no questions asked because it’s the service you deserve. It’s the kind of service that you expect and it’s the kind of 1st class service that you will continue to receive until there is no more Dokha!

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