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Boost your Buzz: exploring the buzz from Dokha tobacco

July 4, 2017

Boost your Buzz: exploring the buzz from Dokha tobacco

Boost your Buzz: exploring the buzz from Dokha tobacco.  One of the most distinctive things about Dokha, and one of the main reasons for its growing popularity across the world, is the so-called “Dokha buzz.” In fact, in Arabic the word dokha itself can be translated as “buzz” – from its origins in the Middle East, it’s been well-known that Dokha provides a rush or buzz of varying degrees of intensity. The buzz from Dokha tobacco is one of the common reasons cited by Dokha devotees for why they prefer Dokha over Western tobacco, along with its natural processing and all-around cost-effectiveness compared to cigarettes.

Some Dokha users describe the buzz from Medium and Hot Dokha blends as intense and immediate; a kind of rapid head rush that takes you out of the moment, bringing powerful relaxation along with a brief light-headed feeling. If you prefer to smoke a Light Dokha blend, the buzz you experience won’t be as powerful or total, but it’s still there and is recommended as the perfect introduction to the Dokha buzz for Dokha novices. Browse our range of Dokha blends and accessories here, check out our founder’s advice for new smokers, and read on to find out how to maximise your buzz from Dokha tobacco.


Hydrate yourself. It’s good advice to stay healthy whatever you’re doing, but when smoking Dokha it’s worth making sure you have a refreshing beverage on hand. If you’re starting with a Light Dokha blend this is less important, but Hot Dokha blends in particular will dry out your throat, so stay hydrated to maximise not just your Dokha buzz but your enjoyment.

Sit down for your session. This advice isn’t just for the newbies: even veteran Dokha smokers have been known to drop as a result of the intense head rush that accompanies a particularly powerful Dokha buzz. Settle down and get yourself comfortable, then you can get buzzed safely.

Pack your Medwakh. Pack the bowl of your Medwakh pipe and then tamp it down until the bowl is both packed and filled. This will help you draw more easily, as well as increasing the intensity of your buzz and making the maintenance of your Medwakh easier in the long run.

Exhale before you inhale. Before taking your first draw on your Medwakh, breathe out deeply until you feel like you’ve emptied your lungs. The more Dokha smoke you can inhale before exhaling, the more intense your buzz will be, so it makes sense to have your lungs ready to receive before you light your Medwakh.

Light then inhale. Once you’ve breathed out, light your Medwakh and inhale as you would with any pipe.

Hold, then inhale. After inhaling, hold the Dokha smoke for about five seconds, and then inhale a second time without exhaling beforehand. If your throat or lungs feel too hot at this point, go ahead and exhale: you should already be feeling some kind of buzz, and there’s no shame in taking the time necessary to build up your tolerance.

Repeat, then exhale. If you feel up to it, take a third draw on your Medwakh without first exhaling. Hold the Dokha smoke for another five seconds, then exhale and enjoy your Dokha buzz!

The Dokha buzz is a unique quality of Dokha, and part (although not all) of the reason for its ever-growing reputation. At Enjoy Dokha we’re Dokha enthusiasts ourselves: use us to get your buzz, and don’t forget to Enjoy Dokha!


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