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Yousef Rida Gold 50 Dokha – 50ml / 13g

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Yousef Rida Gold 50 Dokha

Yousef Rida Gold 50 Dokha (sometimes spelled Yousef Redha) is famously very finely chopped and over-warm. This ‘Gold’  blend has been selected by Enjoy Dokha because our customers asked for it!.

Why choose Yousef Rida Gold 50 Dokha?

  • smooth and warm on the inhale
  • not too harsh on your throat, and will give you a satisfying buzz!
  • bottle size 50ml / 13gram – easy to carry in your Dokha pouch
  • over 100 smokes per bottle

As some of our customers have actually visited Yousef Redha’s shop in Dubai, they appreciate the efforts Enjoy Dokha have gone to in bringing these iconic blends to our customers.  All of the Yousef Rida Dokha which Enjoy Dokha sell online have been quality checked and hand picked for our customers’ satisfaction.

Unlike most tobaccos on the market, the tobacco used in the manufacture and production of Yousef Redha Gold 50 is not fire cured and cut, it is dried in the arid desert region where it is originally grown and nurtured.  To preserve the original flavour of the tobacco’s strength and freshness it is finely ground in a timely manner, with the highest level of quality control and testing at every stage of the production process.

As purveyors of fine Dokha tobacco products from across The Middle East, Enjoy Dokha look forward to being your preferred Dokha provider.

Our simple strategy – we won’t sell it if we don’t love it and we love the Gold 50.

So long as our customers keep returning for their favourite Yousef Rida Dokha blends, we at Enjoy Dokha are happy!

All online purchases of Dokha and Dokha related products on our platform are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards.

Everything we sell online is imported by us directly from various sources across the Middle East. We are proud to bring you many different Medwakh Pipes and exciting Dokha blends such as Bin Khumery, Scorpion, Abu Mohammed, Fadayee, Rabsha and Max Time Dokha as well as our own Enjoy Dokha blends from the local farms. 

The great level of Customer Service from Enjoy Dokha gives you confidence that you are making a purchase from a world class Dokha provider.

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