What Is The Strongest Dokha

What Is The Strongest Dokha

What is the strongest Dokha – sometimes gets interpreted as the hottest Dokha on the market and that’s simply not true.  The question most customers ask us at Enjoy Dokha, is ‘which Dokha has the longest lasting BUZZ’ or head spin.  Again that question is also open to interpretation!  The Dokha one customer deems to have the strongest buzz, another customer may have a totally different viewpoint….

We have had several conversations with serious Dokha smokers and without exception, they all say that the first Dokha smoke of the day – known as ‘the morning rush‘ is probably the biggest ‘BUZZ’ .  As seasoned smokers, the ‘buzz’ from there on in is not so evident!  If you think about it that makes complete sense, as when you are sleeping you are not smoking so the nicotine rush in the morning is likely to ‘knock you for six’!

Basically Dokha can be classified into three categories – Light/cold, Medium/warm or Hot/very hot.  Whatever your taste or preference is for Dokha, these three categories cover all of the blends available on the market.

A small ‘pinch’ of Dokha tobacco is enough for up to five puffs and that in turn will give you that all allusive BUZZ or head spin that customers talk so much about and lasts between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes.  We certainly wouldn’t recommend you have five puffs straight away when you get up – preferably eat or drink something first…..

Whichever strength of Dokha you choose to smoke the one great difference between smoking western tobaccos and Arabic tobacco (Dokha), there is no unpleasant smell left, both in the atmosphere or on your clothing, and is therefore normally not offensive to non-smokers!

Enjoy Dokha are happy to recommend some blends which our customers tell us have a great ‘buzz’ but please be aware that everyone’s interpretation can be different.  Whichever blend you choose from the huge range of Enjoy Dokha blends, you will know that we only source the highest quality Dokha direct from the UAE’s best providers but also directly from farm sources where we can see with our own eyes the quality of the leaves/plants and the conditions under which the Dokha is produced, first hand.

Just remember that the hottest Dokha doesn’t necessarily mean it has the strongest ‘buzz’ as both the Medium and Light blends offer an equally satisfying ‘buzz’, so I guess you will have to try them all to see which has the most satisfying ‘buzz’ for you…!

What is the best medium Dokha to try?

Enjoy Dokha Mister
Enjoy Dokha Maya
Enjoy Dokha Medium
Yousef Rida Blue 50
Yousef Rida Gold 50
Max Time Gold 50
Fadayee Premium 2 & 3
Special 60
Special 50

Each blend of Medium Dokha mentioned above are great Medium Dokhas.  They are all relatively smooth to inhale so won’t burn your throat and all pack an awesome buzz.  The Dokha buzz is relative to how much nicotine you have in your system at the time of smoking.  If you haven’t smoked in a while the buzz will make you fall into your chair, if you have smoked regularly it will be a lot more manageable.  After you try the blends, please let us know your thoughts by leaving a product review on the individual product pages – we will reward you with FREE Dokha points too if you do!

What is the best hot Dokha to try?

Enjoy Dokha Hot
Enjoy Dokha Achilles
Enjoy Dokha Bushab
Enjoy Dokha Ayub
Max Time Hot

The strongest Dokha blends above come in varying degrees of ‘hot’ – Enjoy Dokha Hot and Achilles are very similar and HOT however they are both popular for the taste and buzz that you get when smoked.  If you are looking to step it up a notch, they are not to be missed!  Bushab and Ayub have been described as ‘over warm’.  Over warm Dokha tobaccos are are placed in between medium and hot and a goo middle ground for people experimenting…. Hot really means the degree of harshness on the back of the throat.

What is the best extremely hot Dokha to try?

Enjoy Dokha VOD

The above two blends are classed as very ‘hot’ and have been described by one customer as tying to ‘inhale the sun’!  They are only for seasoned smokers that are still looking for full flavour but can handle the punch in the face from the strongest Dokha when they are inhaling.  So if you don’t like a harsh sensation on the back of your throat then we would advise you to stick with the Medium Dokha blends and graduate to the hotter blends over time.

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