Some Like IT HOT – Dokha

Some Like It HOT – Dokha

Some like it hot – Dokha. The hottest Dokha sometimes gets interpreted as the strongest Dokha on the market and that’s simply not true.  The question most customers ask us at Enjoy Dokha, is ‘which Dokha has the longest lasting ‘BUZZ’ or head spin.  Again that question is also open to interpretation!  The Dokha one customer deems to be the hottest/strongest, another customer may have a totally different viewpoint….

Basically Dokha can be classified into three categories – Hot/very hot, Medium/warm or Light/cold.  Whatever your taste or preference is for Dokha, these three categories cover all of the blends available on the market.

A small ‘pinch’ of Dokha tobacco is enough for up to five puffs and that in turn will give you that all allusive BUZZ or head spin that customers talk so much about and lasts between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes.

Whichever strength of Dokha you choose to smoke, the one great difference between smoking western tobaccos and Arabic tobacco (Dokha), there is no unpleasant smell left, both in the atmosphere or on your clothing, and is therefore normally not offensive to non-smokers!

Enjoy Dokha are happy to recommend some blends which our customers tell us have a great ‘buzz’ but please be aware that everyone’s interpretation can be different.  Whichever blend you choose from Enjoy Dokha you will know that we only source the highest quality Dokha direct from the UAE’s best providers but also directly from farm sources where we can see with our own eyes the quality of the leaves/plants and the conditions under which the Dokha is produced, first hand.

If you are partial to hot blends then the list below are blends which we always have in stock.


Enjoy Dokha Hot
Enjoy Dokha Achilles
Enjoy Dokha Bushab
Enjoy Dokha Ayub
Max Time Hot
Bin Khumery Trex 3

The blends above come in varying degrees of ‘hot’ – Enjoy Dokha Hot and Achilles are very similar and HOT!  Bushab and Ayub have been described as ‘over warm’.  Great ‘BUZZ’ ….


Enjoy Dokha VOD

The above two blends are extremely ‘hot’ and have been described as ‘smoking the sun’!  So if you don’t like a harsh sensation on the back of your throat then we would advise you to stick with the Medium and graduate to the hot blends over time….



E N J O Y  !




Some Like It Hot – ‘In Memory of the beautiful Doris Day!’


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