New Dokha Blends from Yousef Rida

New Dokha Blends from Yousef Rida

New Dokha blends from Yousef Rida are now available in the USA.  Always looking to keep pace with the latest exciting Dokha blends, Enjoy Dokha is leading the way in bringing the very best Dokha blends from all the best providers in the industry together on one platform.

Here we are discussing the merits of NDD and Yousef Redha Green 50 blends which have been added to the Enjoy Dokha USA platform.

NDD Dokha contains only the top level leaves from the tobacco plant.  It’s satisfying warm taste combined with the fine cut produces a very smooth blend so we consider it to be a great medium blend.

If you like a long warm ‘BUZZ’ then we recommend you try this new Dokha blend, exclusive to Enjoy Dokha USA.

We have also added Yousef Redha’s Green 50 to the existing range of ’50’ blends.  We already bring Yousef Redha Blue 50, Yousef Redha Gold 50, Yousef Redha Silver 50 to the USA so it was only logical to bring Yousef Redha Green 50 to the USA also.

Yousef Redha Green 50 mixes leaves from different levels of the tobacco plant to ensure an excellent tasting medium blend.  With a warm taste and great ‘Buzz’ this blend should also be in your repertoire of medium Dokha blends….



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