Medwakh Smoking Pipe – Shark Tooth

Medwakh Smoking Pipe – Shark Tooth

Over the centuries the Medwakh pipe has been re-designed using many different materials from animal bone to various species of wood but essentially the style and use has stayed the same.  Crafting from bone is still going strong, although nowadays wooden Medwakh are the most popular. The latest designs of Medwakh smoking pipes are so diverse that they are only limited by your imagination!

There are pure gold Medwakh pipes available on the market today, however, most of us mere mortals can’t afford that sort of luxury,  so we at Enjoy Dokha strive to track down pipes which are both durable but fashionable and because the cost is within most Medwakh user’s pocket we can afford to offer many different styles to ensure there is a Medwakh to suit all tastes for our customers.

Shark Tooth Medwakh Pipe

Enjoy Dokha ‘Shark Tooth’ Medwakh pipe, for example, takes it’s name from that great movie JAWS –  grabbing your attention and terrifying, sending chills up and down the spine!

Of course the only thing grabbing your attention; how beautifully crafted this Medwakh pipe is and the simplicity of the design, raising questions from friends and colleagues as to where you purchased such a magnificent Medwakh for such good value…. Enjoy Dokha of course!!

If you are using a Medwakh for the first time you should note the cleaning process to help keep your Medwakh smoking pipe in tip top condition.  If you follow these simple instructions (link above) you will help improve your smoking experience over the life of your Medwakh….


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