Medwakh Smoking Pipe – Dragon Fire

Medwakh Smoking Pipe – Dragon Fire

Medwakh Smoking Pipes originated in Iran around the 15th century and was mostly used by sailors.  As the sailors sailed to different ports along the Caspian Sea, the precious Medwakh pipe travelled with them and it’s popularity spread throughout all of the Middle East.  Archaeologists uncovered long pipes in Egyptian tombs alongside mummies of the pharaohs.

Today, all of those centuries later, the Medwakh pipe has been re-designed using many different materials but essentially the style and use has stayed the same.  The traditional crafting out of bone is still going strong.  Camel bone Medwakh pipes are dyed and then brass inlayed with Arabic designs. The Medwakh pipe is primarily used to smoke Dokha which consists of dried and ground tobacco leaves, sometimes blended with herbs, spices and dried fruits and flowers.

Dragon Fire Medwakh Pipe

Our ‘Dragon Fire’ Medwakh pipe, for example, takes it’s name from the mythical creature Apep in Egyptian mythology!  Of course there are very many other mythological dragons but suffice to say the myth that dragons breathe fire and come with various exotic decorations is appropriately describing this beautifully crafted Medwakh Pipe!

If you are using a Medwakh pipe for the first time you should note the cleaning process to help keep your Medwakh smoking pipe in tip top condition.  If you follow these simple instructions you will help improve your smoking experience over the life of your Medwakh….

  • Take your filter off the Medwakh pipe.
  • Insert your pipe cleaner through the pipe until you can see it in the bowl at the end.  Bend the end of the pipe cleaner that is poking out of your pipe 90 degrees and twist it around to clear any blockages.
  • Remove the cleaner and turn it around.  Scrape the bowl of the pipe clean and remove any leftover waste.
  • Lastly, blow firmly through your Medwakh and apply a new filter.




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