Medwakh Dokha Pipes in Canada

Medwakh Dokha Pipes in Canada

Medwakh Dokha Pipes in Canada are easily accessible when you place an order with Enjoy Dokha.  Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh) pipes were traditionally hand carved from various hard woods or animal bone, usually goats’ bones and even moulded from clay by farmers tending their animals in the mountainous regions of the UAE.  There are no rules around what makes a tobacco pipe a Medwakh, however the style, most notably the bowl size tends to be much smaller than western tobacco pipes as the Dokha tobacco which is smoked through the Medwakh is more concentrated and therefore requires less to be smoked.  Handmade wooden Dokha pipes allowed for creativity and individual style and dimensions varied from tiny bowls to slightly larger bowls depending on the smoker’s preference as to how much tobacco they wanted to pack into it.  The lengths varied also, some were very short, however, nowadays they are generally about 12cm long to allow for a cooler smoking experience.

Most of Enjoy Dokha customers in Canada like their Medwakh Dokha pipes to be around the 12cm mark.  We do, however, have a beautiful FOOT LONG  Medwakh pipe which is both stylish and a head turner – there are some exhibitionists amongst our Dokha friends using Medwakh Dokha pipes in Canada!

Most modern Medwakh pipes have a filter on the end – they are usually standard size.  Having a filter on the end of the pipe helps to filter out any impurities for a smoother, cooler smoke.  Enjoy Dokha also have a few Medwakh (Midwakh) pipes which house an internal filter.  These types of pipes are usually specialist pipes and cost a little more than the standard ones.

Choosing the right Medwakh Dokha Pipe for you

As there is a large selection to choose from, you should think about what your ideal Medwakh should look like.  There’s much more than just looks to think about so here’s some pointers to get you started.

Style – Classic simple wooden Medwakh designs or more contemporary?

Durability – If your Medwakh is just in your pocket and not protected by a pouch then the wooden variety is the safer option.  If, however, your Medwakh is made from an acrylic resin or bone such as Deer Horn then it should be protected in some way so it doesn’t snap.  Resin pipes should not be ‘tapped’ to get the old tobacco out for example,  but should be cleaned with a fabric pipe cleaner.

Length – most of the Medwakh Pipes Enjoy Dokha sell are around 6ins / 12cm long – apart from the beautiful Foot Long Medwakh which is obviously 12ins (30.5cm) long… Shaft length can change the heat of the smoke dragged from the bowl to the mouthpiece.  A longer shaft also helps to cool the smoke and provide more resistance – more effort to gain the same hit.  This is also where the diameter of the air passage comes into play. Along with the filter, the air passage diameter plays a massive role in determining the volume of smoke you inhale.  The wider diameter equals more smoke…

Bowl Size – A larger bowl size is used for a bigger hit such as our Bilbo Baggins.  Conversely a smaller bowl should make your Dokha last longer….

Price – Medwakh Dokha Pipes in Canada offer great value for money and we even have a random bucket Medwakh (pipes with small imperfections but sold at a big discount) on offer.


Enjoy Dokha offer a reliable tracked shipping service to all of our Canadian customers.  Main cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver are usually Next Day delivery, however for more outlying areas it can take up to 5 working days.  We are working with several International Shippers to get the best delivery times and best prices we can.


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