Ferrari Dokha Tobacco From Fujairah

Dokha Tobacco From Fujairah

Ferrari Dokha Tobacco From Fujairah – Most of the Dokha tobacco you can find anywhere in the world originates from the UAE and the Middle East.  Dokha origins go way back to the 1400s when it was used by sailors, particularly in Iran, in the the traditional wood carved pipes now called the Medwakh (Midwakh) pipe.

The team at Enjoy Dokha UK have travelled extensively to find the very best Dokha suppliers – not just because they may have a good reputation in the UAE or elsewhere, but because we wanted to experience how Dokha was produced from seed to shelf.  Only then could we satisfy ourselves that we were bringing quality Dokha tobacco to the UK and Europe.

Fujairah is a region of the UAE where there are some fantastic Dokha growing farms. The Enjoy Dokha team visited lots of them but we have chosen only two to supply us as their planting, growing and harvesting methods impressed us.  100% organic tobacco with no additives or any flavours added.  This is very important to us as we know that there are companies selling low grade Dokha that has additives and colour added which we find abhorrent so this is our guarantee to you, our customers, that there is nothing added and nothing taken away from the pure natural dokha tobacco that Enjoy Dokha bring to the UK market from the UAE.

Why Buy Ferrari Dokha Tobacco

Ferrari Dokha tobacco from Fujairah is harvested at the peak of perfection from one of our farms in Fujairah.  Dokha tobacco is not like western tobacco as it is grown at high altitudes.  The cool nights keep the plants from growing too quickly, however, once the sun rises, these plants soak up all of the glorious sunshine to bring strength of flavour to the tobacco leaves.  The man-made water channels irrigating the tobacco fields help to keep these tender tobacco plants from wilting and drying out.  The tobacco plants used in the cultivation and production of Ferrari Dokha tobacco are usually planted on a one year rested land.  The land is fertilised with organic fertiliser and dried fish.  Some of the top regular leaves are used solely in the production of this Ferrari Dokha tobacco blend but some are also used for the mixing of medium blends. These tender leaf tobacco plants are harvested in August and are air dried in the arid desert conditions.  All the stalks are removed and the best leaves are ground in a timely manner before being stored in sacks ready for blending.  It’s such an art ensuring the consistency of strength and flavour every time, but that skill is in the farmers’ genes….

Now, maybe, you might like to try Dokha, as opposed to continuing smoking western tobacco in the form of cigarettes.  Before you do, please take a look at our Guide as to ‘What is Dokha tobacco’.  This informative guide will hopefully help you to make the switch.  If you do decide to switch from cigarettes to Dokha, Enjoy Dokha are here to help you with your choices.  We would firstly recommend that you purchase a 9g Starter Kit.  This way you will get all of the accessories you will need to get started, without spending a lot of money on something that you may decide is not for you.  We always suggest starting with a light blend such as Ferrari Dokha Tobacco as it is light on your throat when you inhale, however, the ‘Buzz’ is just as intense as with warmer Dokha blends.

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