Enjoy Dokha blends – Florida State

Enjoy Dokha USA – FLORIDA

Enjoy Dokha launched in America back in September and we are seeing great growth in Florida.

Take Miami for example, it’s Cuban influence is everywhere, especially in the cafes and cigar shops around Calle Ocho in Little Havana.  We are finding that customers who are living in Miami smoking cigars and cigarettes are intrigued by the similarity in flavour with Enjoy Dokha blends but also knowing that Enjoy Dokha pipe tobacco have nothing added – just pure, natural and original tender Arabic tobacco.

Enjoy Dokha delivers your parcel with International Couriers DHL.  We aim to deliver your parcel next day, however, 1 to 2 day delivery is specified on our web site to the following cities within the state of Florida:


Fort Lauderdale
St. Petersburg
Gainsville –  and many  more…..

Customers are choosing Enjoy Dokha blends over cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, because in their experience, they tell us that since switching to Enjoy Dokha pipe tobacco they are actually smoking less.


Enjoy Dokha USA (check listing description for strength of Dokha)

Basically, Enjoy Dokha blends are divided into three groups:


All of the above blends are available in sample bags


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