Dokha Tobacco in Canada

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Dokha Tobacco in Canada

Dokha tobacco in Canada is available from Enjoy Dokha.  Now you can experience the full flavor of authentic Arabic Dokha tobacco.

What is Dokha Tobacco?

Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender Arabic tobacco grown in mountainous terrain in the UAE. The cool night air helps to stop the plants from growing too quickly, while the daytime sunshine accelerates their growth.  With the help of natural spring water channels and tender loving care by the local farmers (who literally hand pick any bugs off the leaves without the use of pesticides or herbicides) these all natural plants soak up the water and sunshine producing an abundance of high quality plants which are harvested at the peak of perfection and hung up to dry naturally in the desert sunshine.

Dokha tobacco is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert regions where it is grown.  It’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the high nicotine content of the tobacco.  It’s strength, freshness and pure flavor are packaged for our customers’ satisfaction.

Unlike Western tobaccos, due to the lesser degree of processing when harvested, these tender leaf tobacco plants maintain the green coloration of the natural plant with the resultant blends being typically classified as light Dokha, medium Dokha or hot Dokha.

High Quality Arabic Products in Canada

Enjoy Dokha customers already know that the Dokha blends we provide are pure and natural – irrigated only with fresh water and are free of chemical additives found in most other smoking products.  We are NOT saying that smoking Dokha is the healthier option, or advocating that you smoke Dokha as an alternative to other smoking products,however, if you are a smoker of cigarettes, for example, then you will be intrigued by the small amount of tobacco you actually have to put into your Medwakh pipe (implement through which you smoke Dokha tobacco).

Enjoy Dokha can often deliver Next Day to cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Quebec City and Edmonton in Canada.  Unfortunately some outlying areas take a little longer – but hey – if you love Dokha as much as we do, it’s worth the wait to get hold of these supremely superior blends from Enjoy Dokha.

Dokha Blends to choose from

If your preference is for a light (mild) smoke then we can recommend the following blends:

ED Blue
YR Light Cold
Max Time Blue

If your preference is for a medium smoke then we can recommend the following blends:

ED Gold
YR Gold
Fadayee Gold 2

If your preference is for a hot (strong) smoke then we can recommend the following blends:

ED Hot
Fadayee Black 3
Haar (harsh on the throat – only recommended for seasoned smokers of Dokha)
VOD (extremely hot – only recommended for seasoned smokers of Dokha)

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