Dokha -Sun-Sea-Sand


Dokha-Sun-Sea-Sand. If you are lucky enough to be soaking up the sunshine while the rest of us are shivering in the cold of winter, perhaps it’s time to sample Enjoy Dokha blends with that Pina Clada or Gin and Fever Tree tonic……  Enjoy Dokha Light, Enjoy Dokha Medium or Enjoy Dokha Hot – what’s your fancy?  The great thing about smoking Dokha, as opposed to cigarettes, is that you only need a ‘thumbnail’ portion of Dokha to experience the ‘Buzz’ that everyone keeps going on about.  One bowl of Dokha in your favourite Medwakh keeps you going for hours – one 50ml (14g) bottle will give you approximately 150 bowls of Dokha!  You can lay in the sunshine for hours and wile away the day!


Are you all at sea trying to decide which Enjoy Dokha blend to choose?  If you are new to Dokha, please take care when choosing which Dokha to sample first because you might purchase a Dokha which is too strong for you and that might put you off – if you take it nice and slow you won’t rock the boat!

Dokha blends such as Shahi or Yousef Rida Light Cold would be a good bet for your first foray into smoking Dokha.

On the other hand, if you want to experience a stronger ‘Buzz’ you might consider Enjoy Dokha Mister, G55, Ameeri or Saffron as very good medium blends.  G65 is becoming increasingly popular.

Woah!  Hot Dokha is calling me – which blend should I try?  Definitely Achilles or Enjoy Dokha Hot.  These two blends are hot with an intense ‘buzz’ but we would certainly not recommend these blends for beginners!


Dokha was born in the sand!  Very popular in the Middle East for many decades, Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender Arabic tobacco.  Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert regions where it comes from.  It’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the natural content of the tobacco, its strength, freshness and pure flavour…..

Let the smoke waft across the sand whilst you look out to sea and dream of your next adventure…..

Enjoy Dokha blends typically come in light (cold Dokha), medium (warm Dokha)and hot (strong Dokha) so if you are new to Dokha you can graduate from light to medium and once you are an experienced Dokha smoker you can try the stronger (hotter) blends – the experience being the equivalent of graduating from ‘cappuccino to an espresso coffee’ !  Enjoy………




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