Dokha Pipes or Medwakh Pipes

Ebony Medwakh Pipe - Arabic Medwakh Tobacco Pipe - Enjoy Dokha USA

Dokha Pipes or Medwakh Pipes provided by Enjoy Dokha in USA

Dokha Pipes are as old as the hills – they are usually called  by the name Medwakh or Midwakh.  Dokha pipes are primarily made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and are especially popular in Abu Dhabai and Dubai, however, over the years as travel has become more affordable for the common man, the use of Dokha pipes or the Medwakh, as it is more commonly known, has proliferated around the world.

Although the humble Dokha pipe (Medwakh) can be crafted from a variety of other materials such as bone, base metal, marble, steel, gold, silver etc., the basic Dokha pipe (Medwakh) are more commonly made from a variety of woods.  Most the the Dokha Pipes today are crafted so they can accommodate a plastic filter on the end of the pipe to absorb any impurities whilst smoking their favourite Dokha blends.

Enjoy Dokha has invested a lot of time ensuring that the Dokha pipes we procure for our customers are some of the best in terms of design and quality.

We have come a cropper over the years with some manufacturers’ Dokha pipes not being to the high standard we expect from all of our suppliers.  It is important for us to feel confident that when we place an order with a manufacturer we get exactly the required specification in terms of design, quality of woods being turned and also the durability of the product.

If any of our followers have a particular requirement with regard to the design or preferred materials to be used in the handcrafting of their personalised Dokha pipe, please feel free to get in touch to make your dream Medwakh pipe become a reality!



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