Dokha and Medwakh Pipes in Boston USA

Dokha and Medwakh smoking pipes in Boston USA

Dokha and Medwakh smoking pipes in Boston is an exciting new development.

Enjoy Dokha and Medwakh Pipes in Boston, launched in the USA back in September.  Already we are seeing exponential growth across America.

Customers choosing Enjoy Dokha blends are intrigued by the high quality of our Dokha tobacco.  That’s because we go the extra mile to ensue that all of our Dokha blends meet our high standards of freshness and taste – fresh from farm to customer.

Some of our customers have been cigarette smokers in the past, however, they tell us that they are actually smoking less since they have chosen to switch to Enjoy Dokha blends. One small bowl of Dokha is the equivalent to about five cigarettes, so they tell us that they are getting the same satisfaction from smoking one small bowl of Dokha. The effects lasting much longer and staving their craving for cigarettes!  That’s good news isn’t it…. and there are no butts!

You can’t smoke Dokha without a Medwakh or (Midwakh) to smoke it from!  Enjoy Dokha source the most exciting range of Medwakh smoking pipes available on the market today.  We even sell Vauen Medwakh Pipes which have been manufactured in Germany – Vauen has a great reputation so you know when you purchase one of these pipes you are getting quality, durability and style….

The Zephyr, for example, is one of our best sellers.  The revolutionary internal 9mm filtration system taking the Medwakh smoking experience to another level…

Celebrity and the Medwakh – our celebrity customers tell us that the Foot Long Medwakh causes some consternation when they go to special events…. if you could take yourself back to the 50s when everyone smoked, they used very long filters – the same effect as the Foot Long Medwakh!

We look forward to servicing you with our Dokha and Medwakh pipes in Boston in the near future….


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