Dokha in Denver Colorado

Dokha in Denver Colorado

Dokha in Denver Colorado is being supplied by  Enjoy Dokha is a global supplier of some of the best Dokha Tobaccos available.  We pride ourselves in the high quality of our Dokha blends, Medwakh Pipes and wide variety of accessories.  Our customers are telling us that Enjoy Dokha products are superior in quality to those being sold in America at the moment.  That’s very good news for Dokha smokers in Denver and the state of Colorado. If you’re new to smoking Dokha, here is a brief synopsis of the history of Dokha.

Dokha is a natural and pure Arabic tobacco 

Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it came from.

Dokha tobacco is essentially unaltered and maintains the green colouration of the natural pant.  Blends are typically classified into Light (cold) Dokha, Medium (warm) Dokha, or Hot Dokha.

Those who have ventured to sample our Dokha are intrigued by it’s quality and unique flavor compared to cigarettes, cigars or other pipe tobaccos. Dokha tobacco provides the smoker with an intense ‘buzz’ satisfaction.

The ‘Buzz’

The ‘buzz’ or head rush you get from smoking Dokha Arabic tobacco is one of the most common reasons why people are choosing to switch from smoking western tobaccos, along with its natural processing and all-around cost-effectiveness, compared to cigarettes.

Recognised Seal of Quality – Enjoy Dokha customers know that they are receiving the highest quality blends available  We invest more to get extra quality and customers can see this every time they smoke our products.  This is what brings them back time and time again….

Fast, reliable and secure delivery – in our experience, its better to get a job done correctly even if it comes at a cost to us in terms of time and money to keep our customers happy and ensuring their products arrive in a fast, reliable and secure manner.






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