Dokha California Enjoy Dokha on Laguna Beach

Shark Tooth Medwakh - Enjoy Dokha smoking pipes

Dokha California – Enjoy Dokha on Laguna Beach

Dokha California – Enjoy Dokha on Laguna Beach. Although you are not allowed to smoke tobacco on the beach there is nothing to stop you buying Enjoy Dokha products and smoking Dokha in the comfort of your own home!

Governments around the world are trying to stop people enjoying their favourite tobacco products – be it cigars, cigarettes, roll your own, and even pipe tobacco enthusiasts!

Because Dokha is smoked through a Medwakh pipe and the bowl is so small, you only have to take a ‘pinch’ of tobacco to get the equivalent smoking experience to that of one cigarette. The nicotine intake is far less – the difference between drinking an espresso as opposed to a cappuccino coffee!!

The ‘Shark Tooth‘ Medwakh Pipe or the ‘Dragon‘ Medwakh Pipe is both stylish and durable – we don’t recommend banging (tapping) the head to get the old tobacco out, but simply using a cleaner to ensure that your pipe remains in tip top condition and doesn’t get broken through misuse……

Since launching our well known Enjoy Dokha UK brand in the USA, we are seeing exponential growth across all states.  Once you try Enjoy Dokha blends you quickly realise that our Dokhas are superior to most of the Dokha being sold in the USA.  It has always been our policy to ensure that Enjoy Dokha stands out from the crowd – both in terms of the quality of our products and our renowned customer service, placing the customer at the forefront of every decision that we make going forward with our company.




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