How to clean your Medwakh Pipe

How to clean your Medwakh Pipe?

Knowing how to clean your Medwakh pipe for the best buzz is important.  It not only looks after your Medwakh, making it last longer, but it also ensures a good buzz every time you smoke. Follow these quick steps to keep your Medwakh pipes air flow free!

1 – Take your filter off the Medwakh pipe.

2 – Insert your pipe cleaner through the pipe until you can see it in the bowl at the end. Bend the end of the pipe cleaner that is poking out of your pipe 90 degrees and twist it around to clear any blockages.

3 – Remove the cleaner and turn it around.  Scrape the bowl of the pipe clean and remove any leftover waste.

4 – Lastly, blow firmly through your Medwakh pipe, and apply a new filter.

Follow these simple steps and your Medwakh pipe will not only last longer but your smoking experience will be as good as your very first Dokha smoke!

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How to clean your Medwakh Pipe for the Best Buzz | Enjoy Dokha USA