The Buzz About Town

The ‘Buzz’ About Town

The ‘buzz’ about town is not only that Enjoy Dokha is hitting the American scene in such a dramatic fashion, but also that one of the most distinctive things about Dokha, is the satisfying ‘buzz’ experienced when you light up with your cherished Medwakh – perhaps for the first time!

From its origins in the Middle East, Dokha is known for the head rush or ‘buzz’ of varying degrees of intensity that enthusiasts get from smoking it.  The ‘buzz’ from Dokha Arabic tobacco is one of the most common reasons why people are choosing to switch from smoking western tobaccos, along with its natural processing and all-around cost-effectiveness, compared to cigarettes.

You too can experience the ‘BUZZ’ – the black and gold colours of Enjoy Dokha packaging suggests that the birds (disperse the seeds) and the bees (pollinate the flowers of the tobacco plant) had something to do with its creation!

Fast, reliable and secure delivery

In our experience, it’s better to get a job done well,  even if it costs more time and money to keep our customers happy.  We use some of the best couriers in the world to ensure your goods arrive in a fast, reliable and secure manner.

Let us know if you see Enjoy Dokha ‘buzzing’ around near you – we specialize in Next Day delivery to all major US cities and 2-4 day delivery to more outlying areas.

Enjoy Dokha Seal of Quality

By choosing Enjoy Dokha you will know that you are receiving the highest quality Dokha blends and associated products available.  Enjoy Dokha invest more to get that extra quality so we can pass the benefits on to our customers – that is primarily why they ‘buzz’ back time and time again….




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