Best Filters For My Medwakh

Extra Fadayee 3 in 1 filters

Best Filters for my Medwakh


Which Filters for my Medwakh would we recommend?  Firstly, all of the filters we sell at Enjoy Dokha will fit on the end of any pipe you choose to purchase from Enjoy Dokha.  There are several different types, but essentially their job is to filter out impurities when you smoke the precious Dokha and generally improve the quality and flavor of your smoking experience.

Bio Pipe filters are Enjoy Dokha’s best seller.  Maybe that’s because they have been around for longer but also lots of people use them on the end of cigarettes as they don’t impair the taste or quantity of nicotine inhaled…  As far as Dokha Arabic tobacco is concerned the best filters for your Medwakh should be changed every 10 – 15 bowls of Dokha.

Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh) pipes benefit greatly from the use of a filter on the end simply because it stops the finely ground tobacco from passing through the pipe and into your mouth – yuk!

They are uber practical in design – hassle free – just use and throw away – better still they are made with recyclable plastic…

Basically there are four different types of filtration systems employed in the manufacture of Medwakh filters:

Cotton only – Turpuff, Turbo, Bio Pipe

Cotton and Silicon together – Natural Puff

Silicon only – Natural Puff

3 in 1 – Charcoal, cotton and Silicon

Internal filtration (basically meaning that the filter is fitted inside the shaft of the Medwakh Pipe rather than on the end of the pipe). 9mm Dr. Pearl activated carbon filter. The only Midwakh pipes with an internal filtration system that Enjoy Dokha sell are the Zephyr or Sahara range.

Brand names also play a vital role in peoples’ preferences, although the filters themselves don’t change necessarily, the fact that they may have been manufactured by a well known name seems to give them some kudos somehow… how they are branded on social media, for example and in this regard Yousif Redha are probably one of those suppliers as is Fadayee…



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